eCommerce inspector ranks eCommerce ranking website in “highest possible” category

In its latest rankings of the top eCommerce sites, the Better Business Bureau said that eCommerce Inspector was ranked as “the highest possible category” for its “Ecommerce Rating” category.The website ranked #1 for the “Best Seller” category and #2 for the category “Best Selling,” according to the B.B.B.’s website.In a statement, eCommerce Inspectors CEO Jason


Kroger inspectors have found no evidence that products are being sold online without a licence

Kroger, Australia’s largest supermarket chain, has found no trace of the goods it sells online, despite an international outcry.Key points:Kroger has been accused of violating Australian food laws by selling products that were not sourced from a supplier without a licenseKrogers products were not inspected before they were sold online, the Australian Competition and Consumer