What is e commerce?

The Irish Examiner article by Anne T. Higginson article I first learned about e commerce in 2005.I thought it was a marketing term, but a few years later I found it applied to a wide range of goods.The term e commerce means that goods can be bought and sold, and people can buy and sell


How the internet is transforming business by turning a small, local operation into a $100M business by ecommerce project

Microsoft, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and a few others are all on the cusp of making money by selling goods online.These companies are all building businesses that are powered by e-commerce, and they’re doing it in new and unexpected ways.This article explores how these businesses are growing, how their businesses are being disrupted by the rise


When will the iPad Pro launch?

Apple launched the iPad Mini 2 earlier this year, which is basically a tablet that runs iOS 9.The new iPad Pro is the first new iPad to launch since that device.The iPad Pro has a 6.2-inch screen, an aluminum frame, a 1.7GHz quad-core processor, a 64GB storage option, a 13MP camera, and a 1,600mAh battery.The