Why the US could be next to become China’s digital hub, as Amazon opens ecommerce outlet in the country


A big question mark over the future of ecommerce in China has been whether or not it can compete with Amazon. 

It’s been estimated that over $1 trillion worth of products and services are currently being delivered online in China. 

However, it has also been estimated to be the world’s largest ecommerce market with over $50 trillion worth in sales in 2015. 

While it’s easy to point to the rise of China’s ecommerce industry as a major factor in the success of Amazon, it’s also clear that China’s massive online shopping market is a key driver of the Chinese economy. 

Chinese retailers are estimated to generate more than a quarter of all US-based retail sales, and the country’s online shopping and ecommerce sectors have been steadily growing. 

A recent report by The Atlantic revealed that China has overtaken the US as the largest online shopping destination in terms of annual online sales growth. 

That same report showed that China was the second largest online marketplace in the world, behind only the United Kingdom. 

In a recent report from US-listed online retailer The NPD Group, the United States ranked seventh in the World for digital commerce revenue in 2016. 

As China has a strong ecommerce presence and the growth in the Chinese ecommerce economy has been driven by a massive online platform, it is a natural target for Amazon.

It’s easy for Chinese online retailers to compete with online retailers across the world with the potential to generate significant growth.

But for Chinese consumers to be able to shop at a more efficient price in the future, Amazon needs to take the initiative to create an ecommerce hub in the mainland. 

“We believe that China will be the first country in the entire world to have a complete ecommerce ecosystem that can compete and out-compete Amazon,” said Mr. Liu, the executive vice president of global commerce and e-commerce at Amazon.

“We are very excited to partner with Chinese e-retailers to expand our presence in China and help them build a new and sustainable ecommerce business.” 

According to The Atlantic, the Chinese online shopping industry has seen rapid growth over the past year, with Amazon’s online sales now accounting for 20% of all online sales in China, and China’s online market is expected to surpass $50tn by 2020. 

The Chinese eCommerce market has also grown rapidly in recent years, with over one billion transactions happening online every month, which is an increase of 20 million per day. 

Amazon and Alibaba are currently working on a new platform to help Chinese retailers to expand their ecommerce operations in China in the coming months.

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