How to Use a ClickFunnel eCommerce Marketeer for Your Business


eCommerce marketeers are an easy way to convert visitors to your business and sell more items for a lower price. 

When your eCommerce platform uses an eCommerce plugin to manage your ecommerce traffic, it can help you to sell more products in a short time. 

While the marketeer tool is free, you’ll need to purchase the Premium version. 

For a quick step-by-step guide on how to use the clickfunnels eCommerce marketplace plugin, I highly recommend this tutorial. 

The clickfunnell plugin is available for Windows and MacOS. 

Download the clickfortunnel plugin for your platform from the website. 

Now open up the eCommerce dashboard, and add a new product to your marketplace. 

Add your product to the marketplace by selecting your product category, and selecting Create. 

You can now create the product page by clicking on the Add New button in the Product page. 

Your product page will look something like this: You’ll need a picture of your product in order to create a listing for your product. 

From the Product dropdown menu, select Create a new image. 

In the image field, select the picture you want to use. 

Once you’ve selected the image, click Next. 

If all went well, you should see a new window appear with a list of your available products. 

Select your product, and then click Next . 

If everything went well then you should be on your product page.

The next step is to get your customers to click on the “Buy” button. 

After selecting your desired customers, click on your customer profile image.

You’ll need this image in order for your buyer to click the “Sign Up” button to buy your product on your marketplace website.

You can do this by selecting the customer profile photo, and clicking on “Add image”. 

You should see the image appear in the product section of your eShop, and the “Create a new customer” button will appear. 

With the buyer clicking the “Save” button, your seller will be able to complete the checkout process for your purchase. 

Be sure to check your dashboard for updates on the progress of your sale. 

As the seller of your new product, you need to create an account on the ClickFunnels ecommerce marketplace plugin. 

It’s free, but you’ll have to pay for a Premium version to create new listings. 

Sign in to your eSellers account, and click on Add New. 

Click on “Create new customer”. 

Choose a name for your new customer, and select your desired pricing tier. 

Choose your desired payment method. 

Then click “Create”. 

The ClickFunlnels eShop will now appear on your dashboard. 

Use the “Customize your listing” section of the dashboard to add your items to your listings. 

 Once you have all your items listed, you can go back to the Clickfunnels Marketplace and create new orders for your customers. 

To do this, simply click the Seller tab, and you’ll see your new listings under the “Add orders” section. 

Create a listing in your marketplace for each customer you want your sellers to add to your site. 

Here are some of the items you’ll want to add: A unique customer ID for your customer (optional) A list of keywords for your keywords (optional, but recommended) If you’re a reseller, you may want to choose your keywords differently, depending on how you sell your products.

Click on the keyword you want in the “customer” dropdown. 

There you’ll click on “add to the list”. 

In order to complete your order, you will need to add a link to your seller’s website.

Click the link to the right, and it will open up a new listing on your website.

If you want, you could also add the buyer’s address to the listing, so that your seller can get in touch with the buyer when they want to purchase your product and order more. 

At this point, you’re ready to start selling! 

You may want some help getting started, so you can start creating your first sales. 

Start by creating an online store using the clickfronts ecommerce platform. 

This is a great way to start your business as an ecommerce site, since the Clickfronts platform offers you all of the features you’d need for a fully-fledged ecommerce business. 

Before you start selling, make sure to make sure your site is secure, secure by default, and secure by the click fronts security team. 

Get the latest news on clickfront’s top 10 best ecommerce platforms for business clickfronts platform security blog

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