Why are so many German sites still blocked?


More than a year after the closure of several German internet providers, some of the countrys largest internet providers are still blocking access to several websites.

In the German capital of Berlin, several German providers, including Akamai and Akamais own data centre provider Cloudflare, have been blocking access for several months now.

Akama’s parent company has also been accused of blocking several sites that were previously open.

In March 2016, the German government banned all the country’s internet providers from selling advertising in the public domain.

This led to an outcry in Germany and around the world, which led to a number of protests.

In March 2017, the Federal Data Protection Authority (BKA) ruled that all German internet companies were violating data protection law.

In June 2017, Germany announced it would extend the block on all its internet providers to include Cloudflares data centre and all data centres it owns.

As a result, Akama was blocked in September 2018 by the BKA.

This followed the BKS decision to ban Cloudflase from selling ads on public domain sites.

Akamai has been blocked in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, France, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Singapore and South Korea.

Cloudflaser is currently also blocked in South Korea, the Netherlands and Spain.

As part of a recent crackdown, Akameletics has also reportedly been blocked by Cloudflair.

Akamelei is a German ISP which sells content and offers a number on its popular webpages such as YouTube, Netflix and Spotify.

Akamelais revenue comes from advertising, and as such is one of the few German ISPs that offers paid adverts on its site.

However, this does not necessarily mean that all content and services from Akameleon are blocked in Germany.

Akamedia is one such company which operates in Germany, and has been available on Cloudflate, allowing users to watch content and download music.

Akamedia offers users a variety of options to watch and download content, and is the first to offer paid advertising on its own website.

However, since it is currently not offering paid advertising, the content and music content from Akamiai is blocked in most German markets.

Akamateres website has also seen a number more blockades since October 2017, with many ISPs still blocking all access to the site.

In November 2017, Cloudflash announced that Akamateres site was now blocked, as the content was not compliant with the new German data protection rules.

Cloudflare was forced to suspend its ad network in Germany after the BKBA ruled that Akameleinis ad network was not in compliance with German law.

The BKA then forced Cloudflay to stop advertising in Germany in 2018.

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