The packaging industry is changing, but how do you get a good fit?


e commerce Caen, France – The ecommerce packaging and packaging industry is booming in France, where ecommerce is the second most important business category in the country.

The packager is the person responsible for the packaging of the products that end up on the shelves.

It is a crucial job for anyone working in ecommerce, which employs 2.3 million people in France alone.

But in the past few years, ecommerce has become more and more complicated, according to Jean-Paul Brasseur, a professor at the University of Paris-Sud, who has been studying the industry for several years. 

Brasseur’s latest research found that ecommerce packaging is more complex than ever, with a lot of different processes going on in order to make the product fit in a retail environment.

For instance, online retailers need to understand how to deliver the product to customers in a variety of ways.

And, the way they do that can be different from store to store.

So the product needs to be organized, and it needs to fit the shelf, according Bracereur.

In addition, there are a lot more factors involved than just the packaging itself.

He explains, for instance, how a retailer might decide to place an item on a shelf and how they might decide whether it is an ecommerce product or not.

In order to get a clear picture of what makes up the packaging process, Brassereur has teamed up with a French company called Onde, which offers a package management tool called the PackageMaker.

It can help retailers organize and plan the product’s appearance in a particular retail environment, including what products they will ship, what packaging materials they will use and, of course, how to display the products on shelves. 

It is currently used by a small number of retailers and wholesalers, but the company plans to launch a commercial version in 2017.

In France, the number of people working in the industry has been growing rapidly.

In 2014, it was estimated that there were about 13,000 packagers and 3,000 packaging professionals in France.

This figure is expected to increase by about 20% to 24,000 people in 2020, according the report by The Packaging Institute, an association for packaging professionals.

The Packages are a part of a larger, broader picture of changes in eCommerce. 

In the past year, eCommerce has become a big part of the ecommerce landscape, thanks to the rise of social media, digital advertising, and other digital platforms. 

These new tools and apps are now allowing people to find the products they want in a more timely fashion.

And this, in turn, has been good for business owners who are more likely to make a decision based on the product they want to sell.

This is a very dynamic industry.

I’m not sure how it will go, but it is going to be exciting.

– Jean-Pierre Gratton, head of packaging at Ondes, 2016Source Business Insider

e commerce caen packaging e commerce

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