Israel’s commerce minister says she is not a ‘skeptic’ about commerce


The commerce minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett, said Wednesday that he is not “skeptical” about commerce, adding that he does not believe the Israeli economy is sustainable.

Netanyahu, who was sworn in as prime minister on Friday, said in a Facebook post that he was taking on a “new mission” as commerce minister, and he was determined to be a “realist.”

Netanyahu added that his ministry will be focused on bringing Israel’s economy to a “state of prosperity and sustainability,” and “creating opportunities for Israeli entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are struggling for their livelihoods.”

Netanyahus economy is “not sustainable,” he said, adding, “We will not allow it to be.”

He also said that the Israeli Economy Ministry has no authority to control or regulate trade in goods and services, saying it is up to the individual businesses to do so.

Bennett’s announcement comes a day after the head of the Israeli Finance Ministry, Yoav Galant, said that there was a “tremendous lack of coordination” among the ministries in dealing with the issue.

“I think that if we have an economy where there is not coordination, we will not be able to do our job,” Galant told reporters on Wednesday.

“We have a problem with the coordination, the coordination is a problem, not only for the government, but for the companies,” Galan said.

“There are a lot of things that we cannot do in coordination.

It’s an enormous problem.

I do not think there is coordination.”

Bennett made similar comments on Tuesday in an interview with The Jerusalem Times.

He said that he will not “be afraid to say that we do not have the money for a whole range of things,” but that he hopes to address the problem in the coming months.

“When we start to solve problems and solve a problem that is so big and complex, we have to have a better way of handling them,” he told the newspaper.

“The economy is not sustainable, so we have a new mission in which we want to get better at managing it.”

Ariel Sharon, who is expected to be inaugurated as Israel’s next prime minister next month, has made no mention of a commerce ministry.

He has repeatedly said that his government would take the necessary measures to tackle the issue, and that the ministry would be responsible for making sure that Israel’s economic policies were not in conflict with international norms.

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