Amazon eCommerce – Amazon and the rise of ecommerce in India


Amazons eCommerce is gaining momentum in India and it has brought in a lot of buzz around the ecommerce market.

Amazon India has seen a sharp increase in its eCommerce sales in the last few months, and in the first quarter of 2017, it saw a record-breaking 6 billion transactions on its platform, according to data from the e-commerce giant.

The growth has seen the platform gain a lot traction among the Indian eCommerce consumers.

Amazon has already opened stores in over 20 cities, and has even started a new retail channel in New Delhi.

However, for some time now, the Amazon e-Commerce market in India has been struggling.

Its growth has been sluggish and its customer base has been hit hard by the demonetisation move.

In the past, Amazon has managed to take over market share from the top eCommerce brands like Shopify and Flipkart.

But, since the demonets move, Amazon is now facing an uphill battle.

“In India, the market is evolving very rapidly and we are not sure whether the market will evolve into a truly eCommerce market or a true online store,” says an Amazon India executive.

The company has also started offering a variety of services to its customers to help them get online and save time.

Amazon is currently working on a new eCommerce platform that will provide a new level of customer support.

This will help the company to grow the business and grow its customerbase.

The Amazon ecommerce platform in India will also be available in other countries including the United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, United States, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, Japan and South Africa.

amazon e commerce

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