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You can be mad about Ford.

That’s not to say it doesn’t deserve your ire.

But if you’re just as upset about the auto industry as I am, I’ll bet you’re not alone.

The automaker has come under fire in recent years for selling cars to the highest bidder, including a 2009 deal for a $1.5 billion sale of the Lincoln Town Car to a Chinese company.

Ford sold a second Lincoln Towncar to the Japanese automaker Toyota in 2016.

Ford has also been accused of paying a huge tax rebate to the U.S. Treasury to offset the $2.8 billion in federal and state taxes it paid on its 2010 purchase of a fleet of Lincoln Town Cars, which totaled more than 5 million vehicles.

Ford has also paid $5.4 billion in fines and penalties for breaking state and federal tax laws.

Ford is a member of the Association of Global Automakers, which oversees roughly 70 automakers, including Toyota, General Motors and Volkswagen.

It is also part of the Global Automotive Group, which was created in 2014 to coordinate efforts in North America and Europe to bring auto sales back to a level that will make U.K. sales competitive.

And it’s not just the U to blame.

General Motors, too, is under scrutiny for its lack of transparency about its finances and its dealings with its foreign suppliers.

GM has been under fire for allegedly paying $2 billion to avoid paying taxes in Mexico, while the European Union has imposed fines on the automaker over a $13 billion bailout.

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