When your child will be out of school for six months: what you need to know


The federal government announced a plan Monday to help Canadian parents prepare their kids for the first six months of their school careers.

The new plan aims to help them take care of their kids while they’re out of the classroom.

The goal is to make it easier for families to focus on getting their kids back in the classroom by encouraging them to spend more time at home.

As part of the plan, the government is looking at ways to help parents spend less time in front of the computer, and more time with their kids in the home.

In a press release, the minister of education and training said the federal government is working to create a national digital readiness plan to help schools, colleges and universities prepare for the changes that will occur to the classroom and the workplace.

It’s a move that will help prepare teachers and other staff for the day they’ll have to deal with a changing work culture.

“There will be a transition of responsibilities, and I think we want to be sure that we’re providing the right support and the right tools to support them,” said Education Minister Melanie Joly.

She said the government will work with provinces and territories to create an online platform that will offer students, parents and staff information on how to prepare for school and career transitions.

Joly said the plan is a first step in helping Canadians stay on top of their digital habits, and will help schools and colleges become more digital-ready.

She also announced a new $200-million program to help businesses invest in more digital infrastructure.

The plan will support Canadian companies that are transitioning from paper-based systems to electronic systems.

It will also provide $1.2 billion to help provinces and the territories to make digital infrastructure more resilient.

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