This is the first time you’ll see your own face in a gaming trailer


It’s been a while since Polygon’s been able to put out an official trailer for a game.

In fact, that’s been over a year.

But this time, they did it.

This time, though, the game’s not for sale.

The trailer features the voice of a man wearing a pair of jeans.

He speaks in an extremely conversational manner, but his facial expressions are all the same.

That’s because Polygon has a new trailer up for its next release, which is called The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Here’s what you need to know about The Legend and Breath of a Wild: It’s coming out this year, and it’s a game with a very special twist.

For a start, it has a huge, expansive world, and you can explore it for hours.

And you can actually go back to your home world at any point, as you can with other recent Zelda games like Breath of Fire and Skyward Sword.

That means you can revisit it and do things that were never possible in previous Zelda games.

The Legend of the Wind is the story of Link and his quest to find his father, Ocarina of Time, who has been trapped in the afterlife.

The story is told from the perspective of the boy who is born into the afterlife in the game, named Link.

The game’s also the first Zelda game in a long time to use 3D graphics, so it’s got a lot of new tricks up its sleeve.

You’ll have the opportunity to play as the main character, as well as Link’s friends, as they fight the Ganon forces in the new world of Hyrule.

The main character will be playable in the main game, but he’ll be able to switch into a more customizable version that you can customize in the online multiplayer mode.

The multiplayer mode will let you play as Link and a few of his friends, but you can also play as Ganon himself.

In the main story, Link and Zelda meet up at a certain time and place, and they’re supposed to travel back to Hyrule Castle and save the kingdom.

But they can’t go back because Ganon has taken control of the entire land and is controlling everything.

Zelda is a princess who has to protect Hyrule and the kingdom against Ganon’s army.

This time, Link has to go back in time and stop Ganon.

He’s going to have to use all his skills and skillset to defeat Ganon, which takes him through all sorts of dangerous situations.

It’s an epic story, and the game is coming to a close in a huge way with a spectacular battle scene.

When the story ends, you’ll be free to choose a character and go back into the past, in a completely different way.

You can go back and explore your hometown of Windfall and find out what happened in the past.

You’re free to use the same characters from the main games, and if you don’t like what you see, you can turn them off and do something else.

It’s a lot to ask of an adventure game, and The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker takes that to the next level.

The whole thing is filled with great, deep story, characters that are really interesting, and a really well-developed world that really takes you on a journey.

The Legend is one of the most well-made games ever made.

And it’s just gorgeous.

If you like Zelda and Zelda games, you’re going to love The Legend.

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