Kroger inspectors have found no evidence that products are being sold online without a licence


Kroger, Australia’s largest supermarket chain, has found no trace of the goods it sells online, despite an international outcry.

Key points:Kroger has been accused of violating Australian food laws by selling products that were not sourced from a supplier without a licenseKrogers products were not inspected before they were sold online, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has saidThe supermarket chain’s products were sold through two online markets, and the Australian Marketplace, which also sells products to other retailers.

Kroes’ chief executive officer John Foy said the company was “not aware of any breaches of Australian food law” but it had “found no evidence to support allegations that these products were being sold without a valid food source licence”.

“We have conducted a comprehensive investigation and found no breaches of our food laws.

Our focus remains on ensuring that our food safety and supply chain processes remain robust and effective,” Mr Foy told the ABC’s RN Breakfast program.”

The Kroger Food Safety Advisory Group (KFSAG) has reviewed our food handling and supply chains to ensure we are compliant with all Australian laws and regulations.”

Mr Foy also said that “no further action will be taken by Kroger” against the retailer.

“We are taking all necessary steps to provide a safe and secure food supply environment for our customers and we are taking a zero tolerance approach to food safety breaches and other consumer concerns,” Mr Hutton said.

“This is an important issue and I have asked my team to make every effort to identify any further breaches and any steps we can take to ensure our food supply is safe and healthy for our community.”

In a statement to the ABC, Kroes food safety manager Julie Aitken said that Kroger had been contacted by the ACCC and was reviewing its compliance with food safety requirements.

“Kroegers food safety team was in contact with the ACCCC in response to a complaint that was raised by Kroes customers about the integrity of the food handling processes, and the ACCSC has advised Kroes that it has received no further complaints of this nature,” Ms Aitkin said.’

We have not been given any explanation’Kroys food safety officer has confirmed that a Kroger spokesperson had given the retailer an “urgent update” on the matter.

“There has been no further communication from Kroes on the subject, as there is nothing to suggest that this has been a breach of Australian law,” the spokesperson said.

Ms Aitkins statement said that while Kroger was aware of a number of complaints about the quality of its food, it was “working closely with the ACCC and the Food Standards Agency of Australia (FSAA) to identify and address any potential breaches of food safety.”

“We take food safety very seriously and will continue to work with the authorities to ensure that our supply chain continues to meet the highest standards of quality and safety.”

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