How to find out the best places to buy goods in Europe


The best place to buy things in Europe is in one of the continent’s most diverse countries, according to a new survey.

According to the World Happiness Report, the Netherlands ranks number one in the world in terms of happiness.

In the latest edition, the survey surveyed 1,072 people across Europe and found that the Dutch are happier than people from any other European country.

According the report, the Dutch have a more positive outlook than the average of all the surveyed countries.

Accordingly, the happiness of the Dutch is higher than the European average.

“This is especially true of Dutch citizens, as well as the Dutch, Germans and French, whose happiness is the highest,” said the report.

“It is clear that happiness is very much linked to how well we live in Europe.

That is the key to understanding the true potential of Europe’s citizens,” the report said.

In terms of quality of life, the report found that Dutch residents are happy with their lives.

“While many other European countries are more prosperous and more liberal than the Netherlands, the quality of living in the Netherlands is higher,” it said.

“The Netherlands is also one of Europes wealthiest countries, with a relatively high standard of living.

The Dutch have high levels of health and education, and low levels of unemployment and inequality,” it added.

The study also found that people in the country are happy to be part of a larger family.

The happiness index in the survey was 8.5.

The average of the top ten countries is 10.1.

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