How NFL analytics can help with the NFL’s marketing strategy


NFL analytics are already helping with the league’s marketing efforts.

And they have the potential to transform the way the league does business in the coming years.

A team of NFL analytics experts have put together a report that will be shared with the teams participating in the upcoming Super Bowl.

The NFL said the report will be used to help improve the league on everything from analytics to strategy.

It’s the latest effort to expand the league into the digital era, and the report shows just how much the league is already using its technology to make a difference.

For the first time, the league will share data that will help coaches and owners understand what’s working and what’s not.

The study will be part of the league�s strategy to improve its digital efforts over the next two years.

The report, titled �The Next Super Bowl Analytics: The Next Phase of the Digital Strategy: Understanding the Competition, Analytics and the Next Superbowl,� will be available for teams to use in their digital marketing plans.

The NFL has been tracking player behavior for years.

It uses video analysis to track the most successful plays, and it uses analytics to evaluate how players perform in the game.

This data is shared with coaches, the media and the players.

The league also uses analytics data to identify trends and identify trends that are going to have an impact on the NFL.

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