FourFourThree: Amazon and eBay are two of the most profitable companies in the world


FourFourFourTwo: Amazon is the most successful ecommerce company in the history of the world, according to the latest research from research firm FiveThirtyEight.

Amazon’s profitability has surged in recent years, and it now owns almost 70% of all ecommerce companies in America.

The company is also a massive source of revenue for eBay, with revenue from ecommerce and other merchandise at $1.2 trillion.

The company is the second-most profitable company in America, according with revenue of $857 billion.

Amazon’s success is not just due to the company’s ecommerce operations.

The online retailer has made huge gains in other areas as well, like online video and merchandise sales, and its growth in those areas has led to big profits for Amazon.

Amazon has made a lot of money from its online storefronts in the past, but now that it has made significant inroads in those markets, it has found that more and more people want to buy online, and Amazon is looking for ways to capture the new customer.

The rise in online shopping has created a lot more demand for Amazon merchandise, and eBay is also starting to see more demand.

The ecommerce giant saw its merchandise sales rise to $2.3 billion in the fourth quarter of 2016, a number that has grown to $3.3 million for the current quarter.

The growth in ecommerce shopping is helping Amazon, which is now worth $200 billion, make more money.

Amazon is also investing more in its cloud-based software platform, called Amazon Web Services.

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