‘Truly global’: Industry leaders say eCommerce is booming


TEMPE, Ariz.

— I’m at the intersection of the global eCommerce economy, as well as a global fashion business.

We are seeing incredible growth in eCommerce.

With new companies opening shop, and existing ones expanding in a bid to take advantage of the growth, we are seeing the value of global commerce.

The number of retailers has jumped nearly 200% since the mid-1990s.

As the global marketplace grows, so too does the demand for products.

I can understand why people want to shop online.

But there is something else to consider.

Ecommerce is an industry, and its growth is the result of several factors.

For example, the online retailer’s strategy is to make as many products available as possible, at as low prices.

What’s more, the way eCommerce works has evolved over the years.

In the 1980s, there was no eCommerce at all.

At first, you didn’t buy online.

You had to mail in your order, and then pick up from your local mall.

You then had to use a computer to check out the products you ordered and pay for them.

Then there was the internet, and the ease of shopping, as people were able to quickly and easily order products from different retailers.

All of these factors helped fuel the demand and drive eCommerce growth.

Today, however, it’s the online consumer that is driving this growth.

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