‘The First Black President’: Is ‘Black Lives Matter’ a white supremacist movement?


A “black nationalist” group, called the Black Lives Matter movement, is gaining steam in the United States, according to a Washington Times article on Thursday.

The article quotes one activist who describes himself as a member of the Black Youth Project 100 movement, a white nationalist group that is “actively involved in the movement” in the U.S. and Europe.

Black Lives Matters was founded by a group of activists in the late 1960s and 1970s to combat racial discrimination in American society.

A number of its founders, including Martin Luther King Jr. and Black Panther Party founder Huey Newton, were white.

“Black Lives Matters is a white-supremacist movement,” said the article.

“It’s not a political party.

It’s a hate movement that’s focused on white supremacy.”

According to the article, the Black Americans who founded the group were all white.

The Black Lives movement began in 1968, when Dr. Martin Luther Alexander Jr. started a group called the NAACP to promote racial equality in America.

The group’s members include activists from the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis, and they claim to be committed to fighting white supremacy.

Black leaders and activists have been calling for Black Lives Movement to be shut down, and some have even called for a boycott of American products made by corporations with Black employees.

Black America has historically suffered disproportionately from racial violence and police brutality.

According to data from the University of Missouri, nearly 30% of Black Americans were killed by police last year.

Many Black Americans have also been killed by white supremacists, who have targeted Black and Brown people as part of a larger effort to control Black communities.

The Washington Post reported in January that a group calling itself Black Lives USA had been active in protests in Washington, D.C., and Baltimore in support of Black Lives Protests and Black Lives for Black People.

In a statement, the group said it was “not a political organization.”

The group also called for Black leaders to “stop blaming the victims of police brutality for their own lives,” and that they must “stand up against racist and white supremacist forces.”

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