“The Amazon Prime Now Store is awesome!”


USA Today, November 16, 2017 article Amazon Prime now has an Amazon Store in every city across the U.S., including cities that have not yet had a store.

The store is a huge hit with customers, and it’s expected to become a new model for retailing on Amazon, which is about to launch its own digital storefront.

“I love it, it’s so cool,” said Matt Gildersleeve, a retail consultant and Amazon Prime Store partner.

“It’s a little bit like a small version of a Starbucks, but it’s much easier to use.

It’s very intuitive, easy to use.”

The store, which opens Nov. 22, is just one of several that Amazon is building.

Amazon has about 25 stores across the country and a growing number of smaller stores.

Amazon also plans to open new stores in cities where it has already opened stores in.

Amazon Prime Now store in Phoenix, Arizona, in January 2018.

Amazon’s new store model will offer more options for consumers to purchase products from the store and to shop for goods at the store.

It will also be easier for customers to search for products online through Amazon’s mobile app, Amazon Music, Amazon’s Prime Now and Prime Video.

There is one major downside for Amazon: It will not be able to offer Prime Video to customers who already own Prime membership.

Amazon is offering free Prime membership for anyone who purchases an Amazon Echo smart speaker, a $250 Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Alexa Dot, an Amazon Fire TV Stick, an Echo Show TV Stick or an Amazon Alexa Speaker.

Amazon does not offer a way for people who already have Prime to get the service.

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