Malware samples analysed and tested at ecommerce firm Ecommerce


Malware and ransomware samples collected from a company called ecommerce platform were analyzed and tested by security researchers from Kaspersky Lab, the Finnish antivirus vendor.

The samples analyzed by Kasperska include a malware called Kasperskiy, which is designed to steal data, and a ransomware called Cryptocorber, which has the ability to encrypt the data, Kasperskas report said.

Malwarebytes also tested several other ransomware samples that it discovered, including two of them which could cause data loss.

In addition to Kasperskas analysis, researchers also found some other malware samples which were found in the MalwareBytes data base.

Researchers also found a number of different kinds of malware, including ransomware variants that could be used to steal credentials, personal data and other data, said the report.

This malware, which can be used on Android phones and tablets, is called “Kasperski”, and is similar to the Kaspersko malware, the researchers said.

Kaspersky Labs said the malware samples it collected were analyzed for signs of tampering and for malware which may have been installed by a third-party.

It said it was not able to provide a total number of malware samples analysed by KBS, but the malware it discovered had an estimated impact of between 10 and 20 million infections per day, with a total impact of more than $2 billion.

The researchers said the samples were found at the same time as the KSK malware, a Kasperskovskys first reported discovery of the malware.

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