How Google’s new ecommerce site works, why it’s an early test for the mobile search platform


A search for “eggs” on Google’s ecommerce sites turns up results from more than 2 million different retailers across more than 20 countries.

Google says it wants to build the world’s largest ecommerce marketplace for all types of goods and services.

The search engine has been experimenting with its new site since last year.

So far, Google has focused on building its search engine from the ground up for ecommerce, as opposed to building it from the beginning with a search for ebooks or movies.

It has built a database of millions of ebooks and movie titles, and it has also built a huge library of ecommerce products and services, including apps for video game consoles, cars, and even ebooks.

The site is designed to be a platform for users to purchase goods, like toys, from online retailers and then return them at the end of their shopping spree.

But the search engine also wants to use its new platform to make ecommerce shopping simpler, to give consumers more control over their purchases, and to make shopping even easier for shoppers.

For the first time in more than a decade, Google will use its own search engine,, to create ecommerce listings on its platform.

Users will be able to search for products, then shop for them on Google, which will then give them direct access to those products through Google Shopping, Google Shopping Now, and Google Shopping Express.

Google Shopping has already been available on and, Google Search, and Search will work on Google and its search partners.

Google’s shopping partners will be allowed to use the new search engine to display their products on the sites.

For example, if a search on Google Search results in a product listing from a Google partner, Google’s partners will have to use their own search service to find the product.

But, for example, a search with a Google search partner for “toys” returns products for sale from and from other sellers in China.

If a search turns up a product from Amazon, for instance, a product listing would display the product from that seller, rather than from a third-party seller.

Google Shopping is still in a testing phase, so this is just one part of a broader strategy to make the site more user-friendly, said Steve Roth, the vice president of product management for Google.

The shopping partners, Roth said, will be invited to submit feedback to help improve the site and help it gain traction with users.

The search engine will also be working to make its new eCommerce platform more accessible for people who don’t have a physical store.

For people who do not have a regular physical store, Google says, the new site will give them the ability to purchase products from other stores, including through the new shopping service.

Users who don�t have a retail outlet will also have access to the new platform through Google’s other shopping services, such as Google Shopping Plus.

Users will be prompted to enter the location of their online retailer and the price they want to pay for that product.

The seller can then enter the total amount they want the customer to pay.

For those who have a store, the search will display the amount of the product they are buying.

For users who do have a shop, the site will display a list of products that are available for sale on Google Shopping.

The items are grouped by category, with the products that come with the most options, such a kitchen sink, for home or home decor.

And for those who don���t have physical stores, Google said, it will give shoppers the ability see a shopping cart with all the products they are interested in.

People will be asked to sign up to the site, and the site gives users the option to set up a recurring payment plan, which can be activated on the site at any time.

In a blog post, Roth explained that Google will offer a shopping app for Google Shopping that users can use to purchase physical products and a shopping site for shopping on Google search.

After shopping, users will be offered the option of either buying directly from the sellers or by ordering through the seller.

Google will also let users customize their shopping experience.

For instance, users can customize the shopping experience by choosing from categories, or by choosing items that they want on the shopping cart.

It is important to note that while the shopping platform is new, Roth also noted that, the Chinese e-commerce site, has been around since 2003.

We have a lot of partners working on this project.

We expect that this will be a great testbed for our platform and for our partners to work together on further product improvements, he said.

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