Gucci: “Our focus is the apparel business.”


Gucci CEO Gucci announced a deal with Ebay to sell the brand’s line of clothing online and in stores starting July 31.

Gucci’s online store is slated to start selling at a higher price point than its traditional retail site, with the aim of attracting shoppers who would not normally shop online.

The new deal with eBay will enable Gucci to sell its apparel online at a lower price than its retail site.

The deal will allow Gucci customers to pay for their clothing online without having to spend money on a physical store, which would be cheaper for the company. 

“This is the most important move that we’ve ever made,” Gucci chief executive Yves Guillemot said in a statement.

“It’s the first time we’re putting our brands online and bringing our customers online.” 

The new deal is part of Gucci Group’s efforts to bring in a more premium customer demographic.

The company also announced a partnership with fashion retailer LVMH to open a store in Mexico City in 2018, while launching stores in other countries like Germany, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Belgium in 2020.

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