G2G eCommerce Spaces: Amazon and other eCommerce sites are investing $300 million to expand the eCommerce space


By Emily Miller and Robert SiegelPublished October 01, 2018 08:48:13Amazon is making big moves to become a major player in eCommerce, but it isn’t the only company looking to take over the space.

In a report today, G2Go, a San Francisco-based ecommerce company, says that it is working with more than 50 other ecommerce companies to establish a G2S space in New York City.

G2Go cofounder and CEO David Cohen told the WSJ that G2s will be able to offer the same type of services and features as other online retailers, but they will offer a wider range of products and services.

Cohen said the company has plans to offer its own Amazon-like ecommerce services.

G+ and its rival, Shopify, have also been looking to expand into eCommerce.

Gizmodo recently reported that Amazon will be hiring a team of about 100 people to focus on developing a new ecommerce business model.

Cohen told WSJ today that Gizmodos report was incorrect.

“We are not hiring,” he said.

“It was a very misinformed article.”

Cohen told the company that the G2B space would be able offer a more curated selection of eCommerce products and products that customers can purchase.

He also said that the company would be investing in new technology to help customers make more efficient purchases.

Cohen said that G+ and Shopify will also be able add additional products and brands to their existing G2 space, and that G 2G ecommerce will be “a new frontier” for G2 business partners.

“Amazon is a huge company, but in our minds it is not the only player in this space,” he told the newspaper.

“I think there are a lot of other companies that want to join in.

We are excited about this opportunity.”

Gizmo’s report comes after G2 has been making big bets on its own eCommerce business.

Gizmo last month reported that it will launch a new G2O business in late 2019 that will offer an assortment of online stores.

G2o currently offers its own online store as well as a handful of online retailers.

In February, the company announced that it would buy rival ecommerce platform Shopify for $970 million.

The deal was made through a merger of G2 and Shopifying.

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