Aussie startup helps students save on university fees


With the Australian economy suffering a downturn and the federal government preparing to cut student loans, one of the country’s best known start-ups is helping Australians save on their education.

The new startup, called ECommerce Space, has been growing steadily since its launch in February.

Now, the company has raised more than $2.5 million in seed funding and is hoping to take off a bit further.

“We’re really excited about the prospects for this business,” co-founder and chief executive David Jones told ABC News.

“When I started ECommerce, there was a lot of hype around what this could mean for Australia.

Now that we’ve had this amazing launch, it’s exciting.”

The company was founded by Jones and his son, Josh, who both worked for the NSW government before starting their own company.

“Josh and I decided to work with a group of people in the finance industry and put our own spin on what the market needed, and we thought that’s where we should focus our efforts,” Jones said.

The pair have been working on their product since the beginning of the year and are looking to grow rapidly.

“Our business model is pretty simple.

We have a marketplace for online shopping and we want to help people get the most out of the services they want,” Jones explained.

The platform is designed to be a “buyer” and a “seller”.

The business models are similar to those used by Amazon and eBay.

The main difference between them is that ECommerce Spaces’ system lets users buy items on the marketplace, but the seller can also provide feedback about the products and other features of the website.

“This is a platform that people will want to use because they will be able to look at different parts of the product and see how it works and then decide what they want to buy,” Jones added.

The idea is that the feedback and feedback will be used to shape the shopping experience, with the aim of creating a more “consumer friendly” shopping experience for consumers.

The business is looking to hire as many as five people to help manage the site, while the startup is also looking to expand beyond the online marketplace.

“Ecommerce Spaces will be the perfect partner for a business that wants to expand its business to a whole new market and needs to get the product in the hands of consumers,” Jones predicted.

“That’s where our technology and business model come into play.

We want to make sure we’re not putting any extra pressure on our team to do all the hard work.”

Jones is confident that Ecommerce Spaces can scale the business and is hopeful that the venture can go on to become a successful business.

“I think that with the right mix of resources and the right people, we can really take this to the next level,” he said.

“What’s interesting is that we think there are so many opportunities out there for start-up companies.”

If we can create a platform where we can connect people and have a sense of trust and be able say, ‘here’s this product that we want you to buy and this other product that you want to try out,'” Jones added, “then it’ll be a lot easier to scale.

“Jones said he had been working with his dad since the start of the project, and the company will continue to grow.”

The fact that we can help people in Australia is really awesome,” Jones told the ABC.”

But, at the same time, I think this could be a fantastic opportunity for other start-Up businesses that are struggling to find a market and they want a solution that doesn’t involve going through the government.

“Jones believes that Australia could see more entrepreneurs like him succeed in the future.”

There are so much potential out there in this market and the potential for businesses to grow is very high,” he concluded.”

It’s very much a ‘win-win’ situation and we think we’re going to make a lot out of this opportunity.

e commerce space

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