Algeria’s e commerce initiative to become more competitive in Europe


Algeria’s economy is growing rapidly and the country is seeking to expand its exports of textiles, textiles and footwear by attracting foreign investors, a new e commerce report said on Friday.

Algeria’s ecommerce project aims to be more competitive globally in terms of attracting foreign investment, especially in the fashion industry.

The country has already set up an e commerce ministry and an eCommerce e-commerce consultancy and aims to have one in every 50 people in the country, according to the report by the Algeria Business Chamber.

The ministry aims to develop an ecommerce industry that will bring new ideas and opportunities to Algeria, it said.

Algiers has attracted some international firms to invest in its ecommerce sector, such as Zara and Mango.

However, it is still early days for the initiative.

“The government is looking for more than 1,000 potential partners,” the report said.

“However, a clear path towards becoming a truly international e commerce centre is lacking.”

Algerias economy has grown by nearly 1.7 percent this year, according the International Monetary Fund, and the e commerce sector accounts for roughly 1 percent of the country’s gross domestic product.

The government said in a statement on Thursday that it had established a “special committee” to “study” and “find solutions” to ecommerce.

“We have decided to start a new department dedicated to e commerce,” it said in the statement.

The minister also said that the ministry had set up a special committee to investigate and create a new agency to provide expertise in ecommerce for all government departments, including tourism, information technology, information and telecommunications, the ministry said.

The e commerce programme is aimed at attracting investment from outside the country to boost the economy, and it will be managed by a new group of executives.

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