How to spot a scammer with a fake company name

A fraudster posing as a tech company to buy a domain name is trying to trick you into thinking that they are a legitimate business.But there’s a catch.They won’t sell you a domain, and they won’t take your money.The scams have a reputation for being hard to spot, but you can spot them with just


Which is better for you: Ecommerce or Amazon?

The Ecommerce version is much cheaper than the Amazon version.Amazon is also better for your books and your books are much easier to find.You can also find cheaper books in Amazon.The Amazon version is also easier to use and is easier to get the latest software updates.If you use Amazon Prime, you can find Amazon


“The Amazon Prime Now Store is awesome!”

USA Today, November 16, 2017 article Amazon Prime now has an Amazon Store in every city across the U.S., including cities that have not yet had a store.The store is a huge hit with customers, and it’s expected to become a new model for retailing on Amazon, which is about to launch its own digital


How to Buy the Best Bignami Online Shopping Cart in India

The Indian online shopping giant Bignamis has announced the launch of its online shopping cart in India.The online shopping platform is one of the first ecommerce platforms to launch in the country.The ecommerce platform offers shopping experience in its store and offers discounts, coupons and products for sale.The site offers Bignams retail and wholesale products